Dploya aka Conor Neacy is a DJ/promoter based in Dublin. He is the founder of LOST, a collective responsible for bringing over artists DJ Heartstring, Narciss, jamesjamesjames, Sara Landry among others to the capital. A promoter at heart, he has also DJ’ed for over 5 years and has recently enjoyed festival slots at Life and Forbidden Fruit this year.

This week’s entry to the Four Four Local Selection is a trailblazing entry for listeners who possess firm ideation of all things Eurodance, hard trance and energy-filled vocal-driven compositions from start to finish. Dpolya’s dedication to dance music and the wider music industry in general has lead him to grace the ears of dancers across venues like Cellar, Here & Now, Bow Lane Social Club, and The Soundhouse during his time as a DJ while also accumulating festival slots at Life and Forbidden Fruit this summer.

Being one of the founders of LOST, who are one of Dublin’s finest dance music collectives which are responsible for bringing some of the freshest sounds and artists in dance music to Dublin in recent years like Yazzus, Julian Muller and Narciss and many more. LOST and all its members possess a keen ear for talent and quality for locals and internationals alike by means of programming some of the finest lineups Dublin has to offer.

When asked to share some thoughts about his contribution to the Four Four Local Selection, Dploya mentioned: ‘Heavily inspired by my experiences at Melt festival this year, this mix encapsulates what I consider to be my ideal sound – fast-paced from start to finish and comprised of tracks from my favourite genres including hard trance, ghetto tech, techno and a bit of punk gabber thrown in. I was quite experimental in terms of the mixing with a decent bit of chopping and vocal blending. And a little plot twist to close things out hehe ;)’

Keep up with Dploya here and LOST here.

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