This week’s entry to the Local Selection welcomes Speedy P to the series as he embarks on a sensual journey for the guts of an hour. You can expect fluid mixing from start to finish with a range of bassline, IDM and more fused together, resulting in a pristine listening experience.

Next up on the Four Four Local Selection is Speedy P. The Midnight Disco resident possesses knowledge beyond his years when it comes to DJing. Some might say that this is down to his sleek mixing style and his keen ear for unearthing copious amounts of killer records and they might be right. This mix holds no bars, leaving everything to the listener as Speedy P transcends through an array of genres which reflect various emotions with ease. Possessing an arsenal of highly energetic cuts as well as a collection of sombre and introspective tracks in-between is delightful listening.

Given Speedy P’s killer repertoire as a DJ, this has lead him to support numerous artists across the dance music industry such as Nikki Nair, Alan Fitzpatrick, Venetta, Finn, Amaliah, EMA, Efa O’Neill, Bakey, Reflex Blue and so on. Providing the correct amount of warmth and energy in the room before switching out, this impressive and generally forgotten-about skill that he procured over years of hard work and dedication has served him well thus far and we are super excited to see what he gets up to next.

You can stay up to date with all things Speedy P here.

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