This week’s contribution to the Four Four Local Selection welcomes FENSKA to the series as she showcases her ecstatic dance-themed style of techno as part of her newly formed alias. Formerly known as SYMØNE, FENSKA will now be an outlet for all things techno-related.

Over the last number of years, Enigma founder and resident FENSKA (fka SYMØNE) has accomplished a wealth of things both at home and abroad, contributing a wide array of guest mixes to acclaimed cities for dance music such as Berlin, Barcelona and London with features on the likes of The Brvtalist, Rave Alert and FOLD. Performing a headline show in Belgium in the process, FENSKA has played alongside some of the industries leading artists such as Rebekah, 999999999, Dense & Pika, Matador, Anfisa Letyago, Rebūke and more. All while making appearances at Irish festivals such as Life Festival, Fuinneamh and Longitude.

FENSKA’s music draws inspiration from the old-school rave scene, blending a range of industrial and acid sounds with hypnotic, driving techno. This mixed spectrum of musical influence paired with an open mind and fierce curiosity translates seamlessly into her sets, where she picks apart and creates an infectious fusion of her favourite pieces of each subgenre, crafting an unforgettable experience for her listeners. While FENSKA is now an outlet for all things techno-related, SYMONE CMK acts as her other alias which she recently kickstarted catering towards house and progressive genres and has gained recognition from Spin1038 and Waterford Football Club further showcasing FENSKA’s diversity and versatility as an artist.

FENKSA’s entry to the Local Selection is an hour of straight-up blistering techno. Combining various forms of hard techno, acid and more with clean mixing throughout makes for an energetic and equally enjoyable listening experience.

You can stay up to date with all things FENSKA here.

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More info can be found here.

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