This week’s entry to the Local Selection welcomes Dublin-based DJ, producer and Hearpro boss Jamaal Eydan under his newly formed moniker focused on the lighter side of techno. This recording is inspired by summer adventures and features a flurry of fitting selections in the process.

Jamaal’s foothold within the Dublin dance community has only grown stronger in recent times as the individual behind Hearpro. Which is an earplug company on a mission that asks individuals to surrender their ears to the music without surrendering their hearing. Having seen great success since its launch it has protected numerous dancers and artists alike from hearing loss in the process.

Additionally, Jamaal has just recently launched his Posterboy alias and an EP from the project which comprised of 5 groove and vocal-lead techno tracks that included a wide range of percussive elements throughout. This is a step in a different direction from his other productions and sound which lies closer to more fast-paced and harder techno elements which can still be heard from ‘Jamaal’. In light of this artistic direction, Posterboy has just been announced for his first headline slot which is due to take place this Saturday on the Main Floor in Wigwam.

When asked about this new artistic endeavour regarding the Posterboy alias, Jamaal expressed that; Posterboy is a project I started when I wanted to express a different approach to techno than I have in the past. A lot of people that know me know I love spreading positivity and happiness anywhere I go, that’s gonna be the focus with this moniker.

You can keep up to date with all things Posterboy here.

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More info can be found here.

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