Our next entry to the Four Four Local Selection welcomes ‘i decided’ for the 232nd edition of the series. Specialising in all things loopy and hypnotic techno the mix is carefully crafted from start to finish and is filled with spooky textures, dreary atmospheres and sensual selections.

i decided (Cormac Farley, formerly known as Farlo) is an upcoming producer and DJ from North Dublin. He draws heavy inspiration from the sound of late 90s and early 00s techno while incorporating elements of hypnotic, loopy and dynamic atmospheric sounds akin to soundtracks from the golden age of classic sci-fi and horror films which adds an interesting angle and approach to both his mixes and productions. Following his sophomore release on Tremors Glasgow-based label Oscillator One, he has garnered support for his tracks from artists globally such as Egotot, Takaaki Itoh, Radical Softness, Franz Jäger, Alarico, and more. 

i decided has found themselves part of the Irish label, event and mix series HRLA which has showcased a range of fantastic music through their label releases and DJs through their events and their HRLA selects mix series. They have broadcasted a selection of local and international artists since their inception back in 2022 such as Thelma, XXXX In Stereo, RAAB and more across a variety of mediums.

This entry to the Local Selection is an exceptional showcase of i decided’s sound and musical ethos at play, as he continually builds the energy of the recording over the hour with a fine selection of loopy and hypnotic rhythms. The mix displays i decided’s ability to emit tension and release throughout the recording resulting in a rich listening experience, especially for those who find themselves listening to techno regularly.

You can keep up to date with i decided here.

We’re very excited to partner with electronic music platform Elevator Program, a music production platform and online community, helping producers crack the creative code needed to produce top-quality electronic music.

More info can be found here.

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