This weeks entry to the Local Selection welcomes a live recording from two rising DJs Emmie and Faye as they have so kindly shared their set taken from their gig in Wigwam playing for Research before D.Dan back in December. The pair weave through an array of hypnotic cuts throughout the recording which make for a delightful listen.

For the 235th edition of the series, we have a superb back-to-back recording featuring Kildare-born and now Dublin-based DJs Emmie and Fayeolo from their show with Research supporting Mala Junta resident and summerpup label owner D.Dan in Wigwam back in December of 2023.

Both DJs began mixing when they started college just shy of 2 years ago and have harnessed their skill and dedication during this time while enjoying a range of opportunities as solo artists and as a back-to-back pairing. Showing an impeccable level of understanding of techno, Emmie and Fayeolo derive inspiration from the late 90s and early 00s era of the genre. This has resulted in playing for acclaimed parties such as Slither, Research and Hidden Love across the city in a range of venues, while both artists will enjoy their festival debuts this St. Patrick’s Day at Otherside which will be a fantastic achievement for both artists.

As both Emmie and Fayeolo gain more knowledge about the foundations of underground dance music, they delve further into sub-genres of techno. Given that D.Dan possesses quite a hypnotic, groove-driven sound it is clear that the pair explored that particular soundscape while adding their own flare for good measure. This is apparent from selections which vary from melodic breaks to looped baselines as the mix captures their exploration by spinning some deep techno cuts for your listening pleasure.

You can stay up to date with Emmie here and Fayeolo here.

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