In a beautiful tribute to one of the country’s dance music pioneers, 13 artists contribute to an album dedicated to Al Keegan and all that he stood for.

Not everyone involved in the Irish scene may know Al’s name or face, but in every scene or movement there are special people who play a pivotal role in bringing like-minded people together, forging friendships, experiences and creating memories that will last forever. Al Keegan was that very person.

The 13 track compilation features a whole host of producers and friends, such as Doug Cooney, Bon Voyage, Rob Murphy, Cobalt and much more who like many others, held Al in the highest regard. The album is a beautiful contribution and a fitting tribute to a dear friend of so many and one that represents the Irish underground electronic music scene.

AL Keegan was a pioneer in the Irish music scene. He headed up many of Ireland’s best club nights and festivals, giving so many Irish artists a stage to showcase their music. This album is a tribute to the man himself‘.

You can listen to each track below, plus purchase the 13 track album here, with 100% of the proceeds from this album go directly to Pieta House.

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