All City Records sub-label ‘Gurriers’ have announced their next release. Aero steps up to the plate, supplying his ‘Shelter EP’ in what will be his first physical release, following a string of well received digital-only singles. The Irish techno stalwart delivers 4 diverse cuts steeped in dancefloor tradition whilst forward facing in sound and intent.

Aero is one of the leading names involved in spearheading a new wave of Irish techno that is steeped in relics of the genres past, yet remains persistent in its fascination for the future.

The young Dublin native has drawn inspiration from a culmination of places, soaking himself in music from pinnacle cities in terms of technos deep rooted history such Detroit, Berlin, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Naples & more. Aero’s style is devoted to his fascination with the genres legacy and is characterised as tough and gritty, as well as relentlessly funky.

In an incredibly short span of time, the skilled selector has become a staple within Ireland’s club & festival circuit. Possessing a shrewd ear for menacing rhythms, combined with a definitive mixing style has made him a favourite of many ravers across the country. Playing regularly with esteemed Dublin techno parties Research, Subject and Techno & Cans, the reputable DJ has earned his worth in front of the decks. Gaining praise from some of Ireland’s most formidable techno heroes including Sunil Sharpe, Jamie Behan and Jon Hussey.

Aero’s productions have been picked up by a number of techno’s most formidable DJs, and is featuring heavily on some of the worlds biggest stages. Some notable names that have been supporting his music include; Richie Hawtin, Dax J, Slam, Shlømo, Jay Clarke, Dave The Drummer, Klangkuenstler and more. Revered releases across Blackaxon, Solid Tracks, Twice Infinity, Khazad, Fever Recordings and more are the sonic embodiment of Aero’s ability to produce clinical dance floor orientated techno at the highest level.

When asked about this forthcoming release, Aero highlighted that; ‘The ‘Shelter EP’ serves as a deep dive into various styles, moods and atmospheres that I produced in the space of a year away from the dance floor. Music creation at this time seemed deeply personal, and utterly essential to my well-being. The tracks are somewhat different stylistically to a lot of the music I had made in the past and to what I’m making at the present moment. I feel like this EP represents a blank canvas approach to making music, drawing inspirations from contrasting corners and working without the idea of an end product.’

You can pre-order Aero’s Shelter EP here.

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