Denmark’s leading light in techno, DJ and producer, Anastasia Kristensen, announces her highly anticipated Volshebno EP, which is due for release on 10th September 2021.

Her first EP since 2019, the Russian-born, Copenhagen-based artist has spent the last few years continuing to hone her craft; exploring her expansive influences and refining her signature sound.

In Russian, ‘Volshebno’ is the word for magical. In Anastasia’s own words, “it’s that feeling inside when you know something special is happening – the feeling you get when you have a brilliant idea or a crush on someone”

Anastasia’s Volshebno EP was announced today, with the unheard track ‘Volshebno Stretched’ – an enigmatic, heavy-hitting and club-ready track. As the dramatic, mesmeric build-up gives way into a full-blown breakbeat workout, giving a clear indication of Anastasia’s love for jungle, breaks and UK techno, and the meaning of Volshebno, as the track conjures up memories of that magical, anticipatory feeling of dancefloor excitement.

Speaking on Volshebno Stretched, Anastasia describes the track as,  

“A jungle reinterpretation of Volshebno. A lead track on the EP with rich synths and an atmosphere, which is all about this magical moment when you have realised something new and exciting has just happened.” 

The announcement comes following a mysterious project tease, with three incredible remixes of the EP from some of dance music’s most exciting artists right now, including are own Galway’s party starter, KETTAMADanish techno titan, Ctrls, and Brooklyn’s club kid darling, quest?onmarq.

You can check out the remixes via Anastasia Kristensen SoundCloud below.

Anastasia Kristensen image credit to Sebastian Vistisen Toft.

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