The 5th release since the debut in early 2020 of the solo project by Ant of Generic People. It’s a big record, a virtual-festival banger with all the trimmings.

This new track is a massive slice of energy taking elements from all the beautifully different stages and areas of our annual summer pilgrimage to the music & arts festivals that we mourned for 2020, while bringing that sense of togetherness, freedom and natural tribal instinct to move in to a 5 minutes escapsim, to a place where we can imagine we are all there again…and will be again, with each other, soon

Ant of Generic People is often & best described as a multi-media junkie. An established visual artist, graphic designer, disc-jockey, VJ & music producer based in the creative hotbed that is Cork City in the south of Ireland.

He built his reputation as part of the GENERIC PEOPLE collective who have notched up a well-deserved standing for tearing-up clubs and festivals with their cutting edge Audio/Visual DJ sets and full live band shows.

Now for the first time Ant is releasing music as a solo artist with a fresh, original sound that is highly influenced by his first love of disco & raw electronica, styled by his sublime live DJ sets as much as they are by his studio sessions and personal record collection.

You can steam the release below, plus purchase ‘Dancefloor Politics’ from Ant’s Bandcamp page here.

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