Previously established as an event and podcast series based in Dublin, Yin Yang steps up to the plate with yet another excellent release of their exciting new label.

Irish producer and DJ, Casper Hastings steps up tot Irish label Ying Yang once again, with a full force 6-track EP titled “Recreational Murder”, including a bonus track on the digital format. Unleashing a lethal mutation of electro, techno and jungle, the release showcases Casper’s versatility as an artist who garners clear-cut expertise in his field, while complementing the labels aesthetics.

Nodding to its foreboding title, “Tangerine Meme” follows suit with an increased pace, woven together by squelchy synth work, wobbly bass and a gnawed up vocal scattered throughout.

“Reaper” lands with a pitched-up vocal riff opening the track; the word LSD later echoing through the ghostlike atmosphere laid out by a snappy pattern of snares and smoggy distortion. Peder Mannerfelt’s remix of the track comes as a curveball and flips the B-Side of the record, upending the previously understated but ominous tone with thundering drums, whiplike percussion and in-your-face high velocity.

“Ruthless Romance” continues on the rapid tip, this time highlighting Caspers long-running love for jungle. With a spirited UKG-tinged sample layered over clattering drums and hardcore bass-lines with the celebrated genre, this is the track that brings a chunk of quick escapism.

The deconstructed “Good Medicine” closes the record with the return of stabbing bleeps, intense kicks and swirling psychedelics accompanied by a grunt-heavy sample to reflect the EP’s theme a sense of dread lurking behind every corner.

Looping full circle to that initial cinematic feel, the final track / digital bonus “Akashita” marks his solo instalment on the label with palpable effect for an incredibly rounded piece of work.

You can pre-order the release here ahead of its release date of Wednesday 7th July.

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