Dylan Wynne-O’Sullivan (DECADANCE) releases his debut EP today titled ‘Crua Go Tapa’ on Eradys Records. The release comprises of 4 tracks named ‘PASS THE HOVER’, ‘CRUA GO TAPA’, ‘MOKUM’ and ‘LA HAINE’ respectively. For those of you who are a fan of fast, hard-hitting, emotional techno look no further.

Wicklow born, Amsterdam based DECADANCE has debuted his thrilling EP ‘Crua Go Tapa’ on Parisian label Eradys Records. Having already received brilliant feedback through multiple plays across some of Europe’s biggest parties that include Possession and Rotterdam Rave. Coupled with support from some of the industries finest artists in Dax J, Shlomo, Frazier and Dion, the official release is only the beginning for the Irish native.

Comprising of 4 tracks that are inherently hard and fast techno, while accompanying an array of old school rave sounds, hypnotic sequences and nostalgic soundscapes right throughout. This results in a body of work that is uniquely DECADANCE, and one that he should be extremely proud of.

When asked about his inspirations behind the release DECADANCE commented; ‘My inspiration is to carve my hard and fast techno sound while bringing in other influences, my main one has been to take the Amsterdam groove sound and bring the inspiration into a harder way.’

DECADANCE then went on to explain this inspiration and how it was implemented into some of his productions by saying; ‘Mokum is like that with the drum programming, groove and structure. Emphasis kept on the drums and keeping it quite minimalist but in a way where it’s very effective in how they converse with each other’. This can be heard clearly throughout his productions. Depending on the track, a strong sense of emotion that falls similar to that of Hadone’s can be recognised as well. Followed by some signature rave sounds of old and new which make for a gripping listen, time and time again.

You can purchase and listen to the full release on Bandcamp here.

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