Josh Allotey, a.k.a. FAXE ON FAXE, shares his latest single on Shed Residents Soundcloud. The upcoming Dublin-based DJ and producer demonstrates his versatility once more, churning out a sun-kissed house groove oozing with glossy vocals, sizzling chords, and a pulsating bass groove.

FAXE ON FAXE is best known as a resident DJ of one of Dublin’s most prominent collectives, The Shed Residents. The eclectic artist has been chomping at the bit in recent years, flexing his proficient skills in the booth across various Dublin club haunts while playing with the Shed crew.

His most recent release is an explosive burst of summer energy, featuring a pulsating backdrop of chunky percussive layers that serve as the foundation for his glistening synth swells and vocal lines. ‘Lead Me On’ can be perfectly placed between the dancefloor and the chill-out area.

This track was born from the struggles of balancing a master’s degree and a passion for music. A year-long dilemma of pursuing a corporate life along with academic excellence versus following my passion in creating music peaked last summer as most of my summer was spent thesis writing. Using groovy Eurodance-infused house beats, warm melodies, and infectious vocals, I channelled the scarce moments of summer joy I was able to experience into this track.

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