Today’s premiere features Dutch duo Abstract Division with their track ‘Graveyard Shift’ from their debut album, Midnight Ensemble. The full album is expected to release on September 23rd. Featuring a host of Detroit and dub techno, alongside some ambient and electro sounds too for good measure.

Paul Boex and Dave Miller boast over 30 years of experience under their belt within the music industry. The Abstract Division duo are seasoned DJs and music producers who have played in the likes of Berghain, Tresor, Shelter and KHIDI over the course of their music partnership.

Those who have followed the duo since their early days of playing DJ-sets together, know that it’s hard to define their style anywhere beyond techno or even electronic music, as it is ever evolving and always dependent on the time of the day or night. When listening to this album, the resemblance between their unpredictable selection behind the decks and the eclectic range of subgenres on this album is more obvious than ever before.

‘Midnight Ensemble’ could be interpreted as an ode to nightlife; a reminiscence of all that happens between dusk and dawn, captured and compressed into about one hour of music. An hour in which they so delicately time their changing of styles and tempos, always reading the room and always being one step ahead of the crowd.

Graveyard Shift consists of experimental breaks and is accompanied with eerie undertones to keep the listener guessing. Extracting such a dark and murky energy that can be felt throughout the recording, concluding with an all-nighter vibe. The uplifting upheaval towards the end makes you feel a sense of satisfaction, yet flustered at the same time and eager for more.

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