Today’s premiere is a no-nonsense techno remix from one of Belgium’s finest musical exports, Milo Spykers. He has flipped a track from one of Ireland’s most sought-after DJs and producers, best recognised as Aero. Following his latest release on the Parisian label KR Records.

Aero’s first release of the year sees him make his mark on the impressive Parisian label KR Records, curated by Ket Robinson since its inception in 2019. Aero finds himself in good company, with Milo Spykers tasked with the remix duties on the ‘Suffocated EP’ release.

Some KR Records alumni include Alarico, Quelza, Kaiser, Pfirter, VSK, Joton, Pär Grindvik, and more. As Aero and Milo Spykers complete the 38th release that is to be made available to the public on the 20th of January.

Milo boasts various impressive releases since he began his production journey. His first 3 EP releases landed on Amelie Lens Lenske Records, followed by additional musical contributions to Airod’s Elyxir Records, Fabric Records, and Black Kawa$aki Ninja remix on his Low Life Club label. His musical inspiration is drawn from a variety of past and present influences of the 90s and contemporary techno, as well as EBM, rave, and trance.

Milo’s interpretation of ‘Go By The Wall And Tiddle The Bricks’ is relentlessly full, fast-paced, and sinister. Utilising gated vocals to increase the tension and build the track, which is finely pieced together with menacing low-end, swinging drums and murky atmospheres to complete the production. Milo possesses a distinct flavour of techno, one that draws noticeable comparisons with Aero and is displayed so eloquently on this remix. Truly stellar stuff.

You can pre-order Aero’s Suffocated EP with KR Records on Bandcamp here.

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