Today’s premiere is a free download from Dublin-native Aero as he shares a bumping production titled ‘I Know You Got Hardcore’. This funk-driven techno track combines meddling low-end and catchy vocals, resulting in a ferociously energising listen.

To put things lightly, Aero has grown into one of Ireland’s most prolific Irish artists in recent times, the youngster has carved out a career that is wrapped around the foundations of purist techno. His punishing style of techno has been haunting Irish dancefloors for over half a decade, as Aero’s deep knowledge of techno sees him weave through hard-edged and groove-laden techno cuts from various time periods.

Aero has played alongside some of techno’s most formidable artists such as Stef Mendesidis & Dax J through to SHDW & Obscure Shape & Sunil Sharpe, to name a few. He has built a strong repertoire as one of the most trusted warm-up DJs in Ireland but is also equally versed in pulverising a dancefloor at peak time. Outside of the club, Aero’s productions have been seeing heavy support from arguably some of the most influential DJs of our time from Freddy K, Amelie Lens, Slam, Richie Hawtin, Marcel Fengler & many more. With some more 12 inches forthcoming and a mountain of unreleased music 2024 is expected to be a colossal year for Aero.

Aero now presents his first release of 2024 with ‘I Know You Got Hardcore’, a snappy DJ tool that has been doing the rounds for the past 6-months. The highly anticipated track sees Aero gravitate towards the simple yet nuanced approach to making stripped-back, yet funk-fuelled techno. Sampling Eric B & Rakim, Aero flips the original hip-hop track into a catchy 140bpm groove that is made for DJs.

You can keep up to date with all things Aero here.

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