Today we premiere a fascinating electro cut from Cork based producer AJAE. ‘Astro’ acts as the final showcase ahead of of AJAE’s Collision EP that drops today. The release unites a series of low frequencies, breakbeats and bass together into a complete body of work. Utter bliss.

AJAE’s passion for music production runs deep, as he has spent years experimenting and formulating his spaced out, dark and murky sound. His most recent project ‘Collision’ sees AJAE moving into expansive breakbeat territory. Complete with heavy bass-lines, crunchy drums and powerful synths that result in hearing AJAE’s ‘hard but funky’ sound that welcomes a heavier leaning electro tip, that results in a project filled with exciting sounds built for dimly lit dance floors.

Amassing previous releases on REES, PADDY and Lemin’s The Inner Circle, Welsh imprint ANDRAS Records alongside a slew of Soundcloud and Bandcamp self-releases like Jacker Wax, Allnite and Badman. This EP has carved itself out as a step in a more refined direction that hones in on the intricacies of low frequencies, coupled with immersive sound design that showcases a clearer and deeper overall sound than before.

Astro is the definition of complete and utter in-your-face electro. This killer cut is made up of a demented bass-line, an eerie ad-lib vocal and a spacey synth that all paint the picture of the track. Accompanied with some devilishly sounding drums and airy hi-hats that make for an energetically gloomy, but pleasant listening experience. Check it out below!

You can purchase AJAE’s Collision EP on Bandcamp here.

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