Today’s premiere features a standout remix from Aero, as he does a remarkable job at providing a fresh take on Alt8’s ‘Cairo at Night’. The remix is coupled with Alt8’s single release on Dense & Pika’s highly regarded Kneaded Pains label. Give this a spin.

Both Alt8 and Aero are knocking their releases out of the park as of late. They have shown that their productions are highly regarded across the entire underground music industry. Having gained a heap of support from artists such as Amelie Lens, DJ Bone, Dax J, Marcell Dettmann, Luke Slater, Paula Temple, Slam and more. So seeing both of them on a release together on Kneaded Pains is no surprise for both of these artists.

Alt8’s variation of ‘Cairo at Night’ showcases some Arabic inspiration, as it contains spiritually charged vocals, bouncing tom toms and throbbing bass for quite a unique and transcendental techno vibe.

Aero’s fresh approach embodies some remnants of the original, but at the same time provides a more raw flavour, really honing into his signature sound that comprises of old school techno elements with a more modern feel. In other words, music that is best suited for the dancefloor.

You can listen to the premiere below. The release can also be purchased here.

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