Today’s premiere showcases Scottish DJ and producer Arkley with his track ‘Pray For Rave’ from his latest EP titled ‘Channel A’ on Spirit of Rave Records. This stunning track is a modern tip to old-school 90s rave influences that draw clear inspiration from acts like Orbital and The Prodigy who defined that generation.

Arkley’s latest track ‘Pray For Rave’ features as part of his latest EP titled ‘Channel A’, dropping on his Spirit of Rave Records imprint. Beginning with a flurry rush of energy and euphoria, tinging towards acid house inspirations and early 90s rave sounds.

Loaded with hypnotic 303 synth pulses, irresistible M1 keyboard stabs, uplifting gospel vocals, and jacking old-school house rhythms, Arkley continues his signature reworking of classic 90s dance sounds where he is turning them into club-ready compositions. Receiving massive support from BBC, DMC World, and Judge Jules in the process.

If you are a fan of this particular type of sound, you will be pleased to hear that Arkley has his own radio show called ‘Spirit of Rave’, where he fuses tracks together, new and old, from 90s dance music for the modern day.

You can stay up to date with all things Arkley here.

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