Our next premiere of the day features Irish DJ and producer BALMR with his track “Paths Unknown” featuring on Sofa Movements Records. The track is as introspectively deep-house as one can imagine. Drawing clear experience from Detroit which makes for top-tier listening. Get dug into this!

Raised on the seemingly ingrained House sound of Cork and its heavy influence by renowned and revered House heads Fish Go Deep and their Sweat Nights at the legendary Sir Henry’s Club it was an inevitable progression for BALMR to follow the path of producer and DJ. In his own words: ‘It was difficult to escape the sound of House Music growing up in Cork’.

Over the past decade, BALMR’s released material on Nordic Trax, Kolour Detroit, Expanded Records and more, while hosting his own Down Right Deep Show on Deep House Radio. Here, presenting his new latest collection of works, ‘Paths Unknown’ sees BALMR captures moments in time and individual journeys to paths previously undiscovered.

BALMR always had a personal love for the Detroit sound, particularly artists like Norm Talley, Mike Huckaby, Delano Smith, Moodymann and so on, which naturally lead him to his production journey.

He has had numerous releases and remixes in his catalogue as well as working on mixing for other artists on labels like Yore. He is also one of half of the duo ‘Southbounds Sounds’, having recently featured as a guest on Lars Behrenroths DSOH show. As well as this stunning release, BALMR has several other upcoming projects this year, including 2 vinyl-only releases with one on ‘Selections Label’ out of Toronto featuring a remix from Glenn Davis, and another on Deeper Groove with his fellow collaboration partner Deep Excavations, featuring a remix from John Daly. 

Honing in on his latest bit of production material, ‘Paths Unknown’ opens the flip side, as the composition dives deep and back into immersive and airy realms through subtly nuanced textures, resonant synth licks and snaking bass grooves. Dreamy atmospheres can be heard throughout this composition which is utterly filled with warmth and depth throughout.

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