Incoming! We have not one, but two absolute heaters from two of Dublin’s rising producers, Billy Spike Island original track ‘A Tribute To You’, plus an electro remix from Rain.

Dublin based techno producer Billy Spike Iland returns on the back of his stellar release on Alien Sound Trax, with a euphoric, high intensity, dark, grooving hypnotic techno self release accompanied by a deep bass driven electro remix from Irish artist “Rain” both tracks showcase some of their extreme scientific sounds.

Billy Spike Iland has been organising stand out club shows in Dublin’s vibrant scene over the last few years, bringing over the likes of Mortiz Von Oswald, CEM, Mama Snake and DMX Krew to the capital.

Rain says ‘After meeting Billy at DMX Krew, one of his first killer bookings, we quickly got talking about music. He eventually approached me to do a Live show with them in Bow Lane Social and for some help with mixing and mastering some of his early material which is where the remix of ‘Tribute To You’ stemmed from‘.

I was thrilled to put an electro sting on an already pumping track, with so many hypnotic elements to work with. Billy’s sound is ever developing and I’m looking forward to working with him more in the future”.

Billy Spike Iland has previously released on Alien Sound Trax, Sulino Records & Expel your demons Records, so it seemed right to self release some of his material, which explored the boundaries between hypnotic techno & electro.

You can steam both the tracks forever and ever below, plus you can also download them for free and add them to your own DJ mixes and playlists.

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