Dublin based techno producer Billy Spike Iland returns with a release on Istanbul label, ONI Recordings.

With no clubs and festivals for the last year, Billy Spike Iland has used the time wisely focusing on the studio, with numerous releases under his belt in the last year alone on the likes of Alien Sound Trax, Sulino Records & Expel your demons Records, Waterford’s Kriminal Records, plus upcoming release with ONI Recordings which we premiere today.

His sound can be described as up tempo, groove, driving, hypnotic and rolling. Billy’s track ‘Hybrid Texture’ consists of a minimal deep groove, rolling toms, atmospheric textures and features a warm modulated sequence throughout the forever high energy grooving track. “Hybrid Texture” is a part of a 12 track Various artists, label owner Danny Wabbit says “We are happy to announce our second compilation to celebrate our first year anniversary.

This compilation features both veterans and newcomers of the techno scene, covering all aspects of hypnotic techno from mental and hard to groovy and fast. The anniversary compilation features H.Mess, Chriz.Jae, Masseran, LYRIC, Andc, Kevin Ferhati, Carlo Vento, JSPRV35, Speed Mode, Misinki, Francesco Fontanella and Billy Spike Iland. It’s a cracker.

You can check out our premiere via our SoundCloud, plus support the full release on Bandcamp here.

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