Our first premiere of the week comes rising Irish techno duo Blokes45. The pairing have provided a brutal trip through plunging synth lines and screwface rhythms on their latest self release ‘Paris’.

The tough neck sibling pairing of BLOKES45 have been turning heads within Ireland’s techno scene within recent months. Appearing in clubs, festivals and collectives all over Ireland, the BLOKES45 pairing showacse their pivotal style of ‘rough n ready’ techno with their own stamp of dynamic power. The pairs healthy discography of hard techno, acid and tracks made for warehouse landscapes have been doing the rounds, pushing the pairing further into the Irish techno stratosphere.

They start the new year with fresh collection of techno power. Their latest project “Devils Arch” will be available at the end of January; a perfect depiction of precisely what Blokes45 are made of with remixes from artists throughout the Emerald isle scattered amidst this fully fledged assault into the unknown.

‘Paris’ is a psychedelic piece of big room techno that packs the right amount of venom while remaining both mesmerising and euphoric. Serpentine style synth hooks spiral adjacent to roughneck drum rhythms while washed out drones leave a sense of calm amidst the wrecking. A strong offering as the pair showcase their production range.

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