We premiere a track from the excellent Moments In Time Varios Artist compilation today. Moments In Time is a new Manchester based label run by Mark Bradbury aka Rudosa who kicked off the labels first release ‘Obsolescence’ in 2019.

The second VA, out this month, consists of 8 original tracks. Today we premiere London’s Charlie Sparks, who cracks open the second half of the compilation with ‘Phobia’, a laser-infused techno roller with a hypnotic vocal accompaniment inducing fear and adrenaline into the dance.

Moments in Time is gearing up for an exciting and busy schedule of releases in 2021, featuring some of the world’s greatest up and coming techno artists. This hand-picked compilation by the label’s founder Rudosa stands as a reminder of those rave-inspired memories we all long for. To be transported back to a particular feeling or ‘Moment in Time’.

Moments Vol.2 VA

1. Rudosa – Viable Entity
2. DAHRYL – Reviere
3. Balrog – Flak Business
4. NTBR – Big Bang
5. Charlie Sparks – Phobia
6. Analect – What You Do To Me
7. SLV – Buried Alive
8. Selective Response – Waking Up Alone

Grab the vinyl now, with a digital release out March 26th. You can purchase the digital album here.

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