We premiere a remix from the legendary DJ and producer Deetron today, as he remixes Dukwa’s huge ‘My Journey Into Eternity’ anthem.

Dukwa’s huge ‘My Journey Into Eternity’ continues to stake its claim as one of the most memorable records of the last year, as hypnotic house maestro Deetron delivers a stunning brand new remix.

Built around a triumphant piano line that stands as one of the biggest house hooks in recent memory, Dukwa’s ‘My Journey Into Eternity’ was an anthem in the making for a summer than sadly never happened. With clubs closed and the Ibiza season a false start, the record never hit the heights it could have done: in Annie Mac’s words “it’s just such a moment of a record”.

Picked up by Undisputed Music and released alongside a brand new Groove Armada remix which landed back in July, ‘My Journey Into Eternitys’ time in the sun continues unabated with Deetron’s new reimagining.

Swiss DJ/producer Deetron is heavily inspired by the Detroit techno scene. Active since the ’90s, his productions have evolved from tough, heavily percussive tracks to warmer, more soulful compositions, rich with melodies and sunny chords.

His remix puts his own unique twist on the signature chords of the original, upping the tempo and adding dramatic strings and a huge breakdown, resulting in a deeply hypnotic, euphoric new version of this iconic track.

We managed to have a quick chat with Deetron ahead of the premiere today…

How did you approach the remix, while still retaining the classic sound of the original and how would you describe how you brought your own voice to the track?

I started by re-playing the bassline and looking for a different sound aesthetic. I ended up using a sound from my TX-81Z, one of my favorite synths in the studio. My intention was to embed the very recognizable hook-line into a new structure and build-up. I reckon there’s a natural sort of way that things then happen and fall into place, hopefully bringing my own voice to the end result.

What were some of the main challenges and goals when taking on this remix?

I wanted to keep the modern elements and combine them with a more classic approach and create a rather relentless and energetic version, which is quite obvious to hear I think.

As the remix was produced during lockdown, did you consider that it might not be played on dance floors initially due to covid, and did this affect the final track?

I almost always have the dance floor in mind when creating music, whether they might be open or not as I think there’s always the desire to dance, be it at home, at work or whenever you might be able to sneak in a few moves.

There are strong elements of Chicago and Detroit throughout the track, was it difficult to choose the main areas of the original to bring to the forefront, and did you have to lose certain elements to make it work? [For example the vocal in the original isn’t in yours, and there is a more euphoric build up – is that fair to say?

Sure, that’s fair to say. It’s not something that I plan too much however. Most of the times I would just start playing around with the parts, see how things evolve and then see which parts seem fit and which ones don’t. I am hugely influenced by the sounds of Detroit and Chicago obviously – be it house, disco, techno, soul etc – it’s been the most important part in my musical education and it is written in my musical DNA.

You can check out the premiere via our SoundCloud, plus pick up a copy of the remix via your favourite platform here.

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