Today’s premiere comes courtesy of newly relocated DJ and producer FXR. The aspiring artist who is formally part of the dance music duo ‘FUAM’, recently relocated to Australia where he has since launched his solo project for musical endeavours as he experiences life down under. This remix of an old classic is an insight into the direction FXR is heading for with his future productions as a solo artist.

Conor Patten (FXR) has built up a refined taste in dance music over the years which derives clear inspiration from numerous artists such as Rodhad, Kaiser, and Lars Huismann. By means of this, he has carved out a sound based on a foundation of highly energetic, rolling techno that is deeply infused with rhythmic patterns, ambient textures, and distorted vocal grooves throughout his productions. All of which can be heard throughout this flip of Lullaby of Clubland.

Since arriving in Australia, FXR has focused on familiarising himself with a slightly different way of life, which also includes fresh dance scenes and new music communities that come with it. Conor has done exceptionally well in the short span of time that he has been there, having obtained a monthly residency with Area3000 radio as well as a support slot for Italian techno heavyweight Kaiser in the process.

Not to mention that his productions have also been a huge focus for him, as he boasts releases on Dutch labels ERADYS Records and Obscuur. All while doing his fair share in terms of self-releases with more in the pipeline to be released in the near future, it certainly will be interesting to see where this bright artist ends up.

You can keep up to date with FXR here.

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