Today we premiere another track from an old friend of Four Four, GSD, as his musical journey into the world of psychedelic, disco, funk and house music continues to blossom.

Since 2005 when I first met Leo aka GSD, I’ve watched a talented guitarist go from touring in a band around the UK, to embracing dance music, raves, drum machines, Abelton and various dance music collaborations, but now, in my opinion, he has found his feet with a sound, genre and a style that is very much him, that I just knew would someday appear. The sound he was chasing and which I could see he was capable of has come through in his excellent new GSD project, culminating in his ‘Unmixed Unlocked album, plus singles we hear being released today.

From a young age, Leo has been performing in indie rock and funk bands. His curiosity for creating unconventional sounds has always been there, experimenting in as many genres as possible without losing identity.

For today’s premiere, on his track entitled ‘Promised Land’, he is joined by the talented singer/songwriter ‘Call Her Alaska‘. They connected via Instagram, and as they continued to discover each others sound, they quickly realised their styles would complement each other greatly. Both GSD and his brother Francesco Aka Roit took part in writing the vocal hook, with that alongside a driving bassline, the song was born.

This is an evolution of the GSD sound we’ve come to know and love. A balmed out, psychedelic disco pop banger, with the added lushness of Call Her Alsaka’s vocal. This will no doubt bring a bit of sunshine into your life, and indeed be a classic we’ll come back to time after time.

You can stream ‘Promised Land’ below all day and night, plus support the artist and purchase the release here.

Image credit: Adam Firman.

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