We premiere a track from Sync resident and Galway based DJ and Producer, Fearghal Feely aka Havik today. The young producer has provided a Free Download, that is dripping in 90’s tribal influences with a touch of modern power and plunging synth lines.

Having previously experimented producing with a number of sub genres of techno from styles such as dark, industrial and ebm, Havik has always been drawn back to a raw, minimal, fast paced grooving style which sprung from the golden era of techno .

After 3 or 4 years of producing and experimenting, the young DJ and producer finally found his style, taking inspiration from classic minimalistic techno, and squeezing forthright elements to their absolute most.

My style focuses on fast paced blitzing grooves , hypnotic synths and tight grooving low ends , there’s something about keeping that fast pace on the dance floor but keeping it groovy that just resonates well with me.

A lot of my inspiration comes from sounds of nature and creating deep grooving atmospheres from it, in which you will find in this track “echochant” which features wooden percussion , jungles noises and tribal chants.

The track leans on the basic principle’s of raw and driving techno, encompassing screw-face synth lines, billowing low end grooves and crisped funky percussion. Tribal chants and shrieks tie the track together, giving a jungle type atmosphere. This is an untamed techno tool for the heads.

You can download Havik’s track entitled ‘Echo Chant’ for free over on our SoundCloud page.

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