It’s been a fruitful 2021 for High Fidelity and he’s back with even more music. This time the Dublin native has provided a pounding rave infused electro track.

High Fidelity’s has been providing high octane performances and dynamic productions in recent time since the inception of his High Fidelity alias. His catalogue of music continues to grow, through releases with Wachita China’s WC Fast Music label, Milkit, and a vinyl VA release with Irish label Choki Biki Records. High Fidelity has also seen support from artists such as Salome, Partiboi69, Juicy Romance, Monster, NastyKingKurl & more.

High Fidelity has also been holding down a monthly residency with Project Radio, based in Edinburgh, which has facilitated collaborations overseas and allowed him the opportunity to hone his sound and present carefully crafted shows each month.

High Fidelity is back with a self-released single. The track is packed with rumbling 808s, hardcore rave stabs, and a dynamically pitched vocal sample that resonates with the powerful energy of the track, echoing a sense of rave infused chaos. Already, the release is gaining recognition internationally, with the support of artists such as Salome, Mixtress, Narciss & more.

You can pre-order it here.

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