Today’s premiere comes from Dublin DJ and producer Jamaal. His track ‘SKY HIGH’ is a blistering techno track that aims to explore all avenues of techno as he aims to combine groovy elements with the harsher side of the genre.

Jamaal has provided us with today’s premiere and it is a beauty. The talented up-and-coming DJ and producer has remained dedicated to his craft for quite some time now and this stunning track is a testament to that. Jamaal’s beginning to see the fruits of his labour in recent times as he has gained recent support from Charlie Sparks on some of his latest productions while picking up a variety of slots at Nico Moreno, Klangkuenstler, Azyr and Luciid, and so on.

A number of these bookings have come from some of the country’s finest hard techno collectives in Vision, Influence, and Thump, while still remaining consistent with his musical and mix recording output. On top of this, Jamaal has also taken the initiative in starting his own business called Hearpro which specialises in providing partygoers with earplugs in an attempt to protect people’s ears from hearing loss. This has been received incredibly well by the Dublin dance music industry and has been a massive success so far. Bravo.

SKY HIGH is a blended techno track that takes inspiration from both the groovier and harsher elements of techno, combined with a warping bass and catchy vocal which makes for a truly enjoyable listen. Jamaal has been so kind to also set this track as a free download. Check it out below!

You can stay up to date with all things Jamaal here.

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