Today’s premiere comes from Dublin’s own James Cherry. The now Amsterdam-based DJ and producer releases his first ever full-length album titled ‘Orb Weaver’ on his own label ‘Exile Instinct’. This release acts as a major landmark for James as he showcases his own signature sound within the realm of techno. The album is made up of 11 original productions along with a remix from Cyd.

James Cherry’s Orb Weaver project has taken years to get to this point. To release an album on your own label is no easy feat for any artist. Having released on imprints such as Drvms, Corpus Records, Subsist, Delinquent Delivery and more over the year’s which aided in his progression to getting to this point, he finally gets to see his concept turn into reality.

The album in its entirety spans 12 tracks that traverse a wide range of atmospheres, textures and emotions. Emitting a sincere listening experience that feels similar to a story, it encompasses different flavours within the techno genre. This ranges from deep, driving hypnotic cuts to more emotive and introspective compositions that can be heard throughout this remarkable body of work.

Today’s premiere focuses primarily on ‘The Poets Pulse’. Acting as one of the driving tracks of the overall release, The Poets Pulse showcases trippy vocals alongside some melodic synth lines which can be heard throughout the Orb Weaver album. These core elements combined with the tracks swinging drumwork make for a ferociously catchy yet psychedelic-sounding addition to an already stacked release.

You can pre-order James’ full album Orb Weaver on Bandcamp here.

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