Lars Huismann makes a quick return to SHDW & Obscure Shape’s newly minted Mutual Rytm imprint as he delivers a medley of classic, groove driven techno productions via his ‘Sounds From The Past I’ EP.

With recent releases via labels such as Slam’s iconic Soma, Berlin-based DJ and producer Lars Huismann is quickly growing to become a familiar name of note within today’s modern techno landscape. Having featured as one of the artists on the label’s debut V/A release in February, with the German set to feature as a regular across the imprint in coming months, he unveils fresh shades to his sound palette on his return to Mutual Rytm with a combination of six slick techno cuts across his ‘Sounds From The Past I’ EP.

The powerful, rolling dynamics of ‘Surge’ open proceedings as Huismann quickly sets his stall, while ‘Collison’ veers into slick, looping territories as the energy and tension are kept tight and high. Next, ‘Echo’ ups the pace as tough kicks meet zipping melodies, filtered chords and looping vocal interjections amongst a medley of flurrying percussion licks, before ‘Funk Shed’ takes cues from its title and showcases a classy blend of classic Detroit-influenced sonics guided by sweeping synths. Title cut ‘Sounds From The Past I’ brings with it flashes of serenity and peace, before erupting and spiralling effortlessly into infectious and captivating drum groove.

Today however, it’s all about the fast paced smooth grooving bonus digital track ‘Jackin’, which we premiere here today. You can pick up the record right here.

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