Yesterday we premiered ‘A Beach On Mars’ from LPM’s excellent ‘Voices’ EP on Monki’s ‘&Friends’ label. Today we premiere the remix of the opening and title track ‘Voices’, as SHEE contributes a remix masterclass.

The 24 year old and Kerry based SHEE has been into producing experimental beats for nearly ten years now, kicking off with drum and bass before showing an interest in French house and disco rhythms which we have grown to absolutely love.

Delivering two peak time tracks for the ‘Voices’ EP, LPM explores Italo disco on Voices with glimmering pads and ethereal organ flavours whilst b side A Beach On Mars transports to otherworldly territories boasting celestial strings and breakdowns setting the scene for Martian landscapes and beyond.

Voices draws the EP to a close, as SHEE steps up and transforms Voices into a techno infused slammer, with crisp percussion and fast bpm while underpinning the original’s Italo groove. 

Check out SHEE’s remix of ‘Voices’ via our SoundCloud page, plus support the full 3 track ‘Voices’ EP here.

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