You could completely understand many musicians going through a creative drought, built through the ongoing frustration and back and forth that our lives are currently experiencing.

However, the Irish dance music scene on the release front has never felt quite as vibrant, as the producers and labels up and down the country continue to create, collaborate, share, release and come up with new ways to thrive throughout the Covid era we’re living through.

Like many artists in the country, I have no doubt that Matheson and Percboi 3000 have experienced the strain at some point in the last 10 months, however, last week the exciting pair released a 4 track EP on Belfast based TSRR label.

Speaking of the latest TSRR release, we asked label co-founder Daire Bates for some words and thoughts behind the new ‘Visions’ EP.

Lewis [(Matheson] is a producer from Dundonald, Northern Ireland. We met Lewis through various gigs throughout Belfast & his dedication & passion for electronic music really caught our attention. His character really impressed us & we had been hoping to get him involved with the label from the early days. To have it come to fruition in this collab EP is exactly what we hoped for! He has a seriously bright future ahead of him & I can’t wait to see how his career progresses. His release on Timmy Stewart’s Extended play is also seriously worth checking out“.

Listen to Matheson’s track ‘Harbour’ here via our Four Four Premiere.

Paddy Carser – Paddy co runs the label with myself. He’s goes by the alias PercBoi 3000 and was due to perform before Max Cooper for the opening concert for AVA festival in 2020, which sadly could not go ahead. He has a YouTube channel for various live Jams using hardware from his ever increasing collection of synths, drum machines and pedals. He has releases with Korova & Nocturne coming out soon (Both releases are fantastic) so keep an eye out for some PercBoi in the near future“.

On the TSRR label:

Our goal with the Star Room is to promote the work of local artists through collaboration. Which is why we are so proud to finally have this project see the light of day. The cover art was designed by Andrew Pope, who was a friend of Paddy’s & mine from school. His work absolutely amazed us & I don’t think he could’ve nailed the concept for the cover any better than he did“.

You can check out and purchase Percboi 3000’s tracks and the second Matheson release via the TSRR Bandcamp page below.

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