Dublin based Matthew Day (FKA Taking Names) has supplied a brilliant premiere today titled ‘Inside Out’. This track is a wonderful showcase of chopped breaks, ethereal electro and low-slung dubstep infused into one. This track is truly sublime listening all the way through. What a treat.

Following Matthew’s debut EP release ‘Deep Blue’ as well as a release on Birmingham based label ‘Fly By Night Recordings’ under his belt. His latest endeavour ‘Inside Out’ looks to be a continuation of him carving out a unique sound that aims to blend electro, house, trance and bass music together.

This 4 track EP is made up of 3 of his own original productions titled ‘Inside Out’, ‘Knee Deep’ and ‘Celestial Body’ with the extremely talented, Belfast based Flyora on remix duties who provided their own take on ‘Celestial Body’ too.

‘Inside Out’, which has previously featured on BBC Radio kicks the EP off with an amalgamation of bass, field recordings and and sounds derived from the legendary Korg Prophecy synthesiser that make for a fantastic listening experience. The depth of this track is so rich that upon re-listening you can hear new elements throughout the production which is thoroughly enjoyable.

You can purchase and listen to the release on Bandcamp here.

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