Today’s premiere showcases a debut release from Dublin-based DJ, producer and promoter Matthew Sorensen. At just 18 years of age, Matthew has provided sensational insight into his knowledge and passion as an upcoming music producer with a compelling track steeped deep in 90s old-school roots, furthermore, he has also been so kind to set this track as a free download.

Matthew Sorensen is a Dublin-based promoter, DJ, producer and promoter who favours thrilling dance music. This includes but is not limited to slamming techno as well as old-school rave tunes which have shaped the young artists’ taste from a very early age.

This has led him to perform at multiple venues across the city such as Index, Bow Lane Social Club and The Grand Social for parties such as Slither and Somewhere Else respectively. Not only is this an essential part of Matthew’s library when mixing but this is also evident in his bookings as Counter Culture’s main man in charge. This style can even be heard in his remarkably consistent productions, with more releases to follow.

Take Me Up acts as a memory of the 90s rave scene in Dublin. This particular track is a classic example of the genre, fusing the old with the new as a driving bassline is introduced from the get-go. Setting the tone from the very first note. Fierce low-end is met with crisp hi-hats and snares ultimately creating a frenetic energy that’s truly infectious from the first listen.

You can keep up with Matthew Sorensen on Soundcloud here.

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