Today we premiere a track that takes on electro from a new perspective, from the brand new 7 track album ‘Life After Roland’ from Irish producer, Maurice Anthony Moran.

Berlin based Irish producer Maurice Anthony Moran is someone who is passionate about the super technical side of music production, and how it fits in with modern day technologies. 

Having had a long standing interest in music from a young age, he went on to find solace in producing where it played a huge role in supporting him through a tough period of his life. This inspired him to follow his musical ambition to where we see it shine today.

Like many electronic artists, his interest began with collecting music and DJing, but he soon gravitated toward the art of production and live performance. He is currently studying a Bachelors degree in Catalyst Berlin, which has opened him up to new concepts and possibilities within the realm of the audio world, with a strong emphasis on technology and how it can be used to further develop electronic music.

For his first major project, Maurice has developed his album entitled Life After Roland, which boasts 7 tracks that aim to highlight and tackle genre conventions in electro, specifically the use of vintage drum machines such as the Roland TR-808. To highlight the concept, he chose a handful of less traditional ways of making drums and explored a variety of different styles within the composition of the music, while creating overall continuity.

We premiere the last track from the album entitled ‘Evolve’ which is a fast paced electro track with elements of breaks and a mixture of gritty synths interspersed with atmospheric breakdowns.

Check out our premiere via our SoundCloud, plus support the release and buy the album via Bandcamp here.

Later this week, we share a feature an interview with an established artist within the scene, Volruptus.

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