Today’s premiere is courtesy of Galway-Cork-based DJ and producer, MEJMI. She has provided us with a track entitled ‘Warsaw Angels’ that is unlike her previous techno releases showcasing her diverse musical pallet. Spanning territory that sounds ethereal, and atmospheric, yet simultaneously introspective. Truly stellar stuff.

MEJMI is originally trained in classical music but has been making a name for herself recently as she’s moved her musical prowess into darker territories of minimalistic techno. Her distinct 90’s inspired sound draws influence from acid to rave and is focussed on paying respect to the routes of dance music culture. Boasting previous releases on harmless.recs and SPEED, MEJMI has noticeably tapped into inspirations that derive from historical eras of dance music.

Touching on MEJMI’s DJ capabilities, the young artist has built a solid reputation for rocking dance floors in recent times. She has found herself playing on the Polish circuit on both a club and festival level, headlining ‘The Slutty Virgin Festival’ and ‘K-fest’ in Kerry as well as appearances nation-wide playing for Cheek Eire, Blue Print Festival, Kriptik , 3ip.ka, Prospekt, and DV8 too, with more shows in the pipeline, no doubt!

MEJMI’s track ‘Warsaw Angels’ is a terrific track that flexes the producers’ muscles as she takes a more unconventional approach when compared to the rest of her discography. Nearing a sound that is best described as ethereal, and atmospheric, yet simultaneously introspective which makes for a stellar release.

You can keep up to date with all things MEJMI here.

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