Today’s premiere features Mezer The Architects’ latest release on POTOP. The Katowice-based label is home to Carti Summer Jam which combines elements of sun-kissed trance, rap and hints of euphoria resulting in his take on a modern-day party track.

Hailing from Gdansk, Poland, Mezer The Architect is an accomplished DJ and music producer in the world of electro and ghetto tech. Boasting a residency with the Scottish dance music platform Project Radio. His productions have crept into a variety of sets all over the world and are a combination of booty bass, ghetto house, electro, breaks and hot g-funk native tracks which take inspiration from the West Coast.

Recently he has taken a new direction by mixing elements of trance and ghetto in his productions. Initially beginning with uploading his music on Soundcloud, where he is known for his signature sound that combines a range of ghetto elements with vocal-lead samples, Mezer has released tracks alongside artists like Mell G, YTP, Club Cab, Raw Takes and 666uba. 

Mezer has released his tracks on a wealth of labels, some of which include Angels Gun Club, Crazed Behavior, Gimmeabreakrecords, Your Character, Native Boundaries, Urban Rar and Low Income Squad. His debut EP “Corrupted Minds” gained praise from many DJs around the world, most notably DJ Stingray, who spun Mezer’s tracks from the EP relentlessly. 

Mezer The Architect joins the likes of Chris Flanagan, Diversion, DJ Swisherman and more on POTOP’s Swim Club compilation that is due to release in full on July 31st where you can hear Mezer’s new production direction take effect by means of him incorporating elements of rap with trance and some old-school house for good measure. Commanding a high degree of production quality throughout the composition is left feeling polished giving for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

You can purchase Mezer The Architect – Carti Summer Jam here.

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