Our first premiere of the week comes from India-based Midnight Traffic as he serves up the first instalment of his new Option Paralysis series. We premiere ‘Thaamara’, a moody electro cut that is oozing with bubbling textures and bone-shattering 808 grooves.

Midnight Traffic is the alias of Hyderabad based Producer/ DJ, Rishi. He has been producing music for over 8 years now, with frequent releases on Indian label Qilla Records and imprints like Berlin based Charybdis and The God’s Planet from Italy, to name a few. Midnight Traffic’s signature sound is a captivating fusion of techno’s darkest depths enriched with modern sound design, hypnotic rhythms, and deep elements that possess a cerebral pull.

The “Option Paralysis” series aims to showcase Midnight Traffic’s quest to experiment with his production process by limiting the tools of creation at his disposal. In a world saturated with endless choices and advanced digital tools, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the multitude of options. The concept of the EP was birthed by the idea of introducing intentional roadblocks, exploring the creative possibilities within those limitations and transcending the paralysis.

Vol.1 opens with “When in Doubt ”, an evolving atmospheric soundscape inspired by the frequencies of nature juxtaposed with low swung, chuggy bass. “Free Fall” is built around pads that are created using field recording embellished with synthetic melodies and noise-infused drum elements. Drawing inspiration from both his native languages, ‘Salahalu’ – the Telugu word for ‘suggestion’ – is more conducive to the dance floor, with bubbling tension and trancy synth lines, and ‘Thamaara’ – the Malayalam word for ‘lotus’ – culminates the release with psychedelic textures and grounding grooves.

Today we premiere the track ‘Thamaara’ from Midnight Traffic’s latest EP “Option Paralysis Vol. 1″ which you can purchase here.

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