Modeā returns to Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave for his second release of the year with the ever growing label, this time with his solo 2 track EP entitled ‘Anima’.

The young Donegal DJ and producer starting his musical journey in his early teenage years, and developed a sound like no other. His signature productions unfold with the perfect blend of mind-altering techno and hypnotic melody, capturing an energy which sets him aside as one of Ireland’s most prestigious talents.

Today we premiere the lead track from Modeā’s ‘Anima’ EP, also entitled ‘Anima’. The track is intense, dramatic and oozes with blissful layers as the artist works his synth lines to perfection, building the mood into a colossal drop, fully encompassing his trademark energy. 

Also on the release is the track ‘Take My Soul’, which gives a nod to the late 90’s trance era, as Modeā steps up for vocal duties on this euphoric track, delivering an onslaught of emotion and drama.

You can check out our premiere of ‘Anima’ via our SoundCloud, plus you can purchase the full release via your platform of choice here.

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