Today’s premiere showcases French DJ and producer Olympe4000 with her track ‘LIFE IS BAKA’ as part of her e-goatrip6ter EP that is set to release on her newly established label Adrenaline Quality Records on Thursday 16th of March.

Olympe4000 is taking no prisoners with her latest musical offering that is due to release on her newly formed imprint Adrenaline Quality Records this Thursday. e-goatrip6ter EP is an amalgamation of Olympe4000’s distinct and frenzied sound that encapsulates a range of breaks, bass, neo-rave, crunchy techno, and electronica. This new venture comes shortly after performing several standout shows on Hoer Berlin, as well as flexing her stellar production skills on Mell G’s Juicy Gang Records last year.

Adrenaline Quality is a new creative platform for electronic music, emerging queer artists, inclusive, utopist, nonsense percussive new and old club sonorities. Adrenaline Quality has teamed up with Beatz By Girlz. BBG is empowering the next generation of women and gender-expansive people through music and technology with more than 38 poles worldwide.

Once a year the label will publish a VA made by the students of BBG. Music is the skeleton key BBG uses to open the door to technology parity and justice, not only in the music industry but in all tech-related fields where women and gender minorities are underrepresented.

Rinse France and Badaboum resident Olympe4000 dedicates her first release to her 13-year-old sister, a teenager growing up in a cyber-heavy age after having conversations with her about the impact of digital capitalism on mental health. As she is keen to explore themes and ideas regarding utopian socialism and innovative ideas for the digital future Olympe4000 uses Adrenaline Quality as her sonic notebook.

Life Is Baka does a fantastic job of gaining its listeners’ attention due to its warped-out, robotic vocals that are met with ethereal-sounding synths making for a really trippy listen. Big tip here for those who are intrigued by sounds that are rooted in electronica territory.

You can purchase pre-order Olympe4000’s e-goatrip6ter EP here.

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