We premiere the 3rd release from the Dublin based label, Hotseat Recordings, as they welcome Peggs, a young DJ, producer and most recently a member of the new wave band which is taking the scene by storm, Nixer

Hotseat Recordings returns with their third release, welcoming Dublin based Peggs, who contributes two fantastic tracks to their Vol.2 EP.

Gearóid Peggs aka Peggs is a 22-year-old Irish producer born and raised in the hills of Tallaght. He honed in on his craft and love of producing over a three-year stint at BIFE, being supervised and taught by the legendary pioneers of the Irish electronic scene Kenneth Harte, Sunil Sharpe and Doug Cooney. During this time he spent the early years of his musical career DJing in clubs around Dublin, supporting acts such as DeFeKT, Gnork and Entro Senestre.

Ever since the global pandemic hit putting an unwanted halt to club events and DJ sets, Peggs has had the opportunity to turn his attention to other various musical ventures and productions, most notably our favourite thing to come out of lockdown, the wave duo called Nixer. The band was born from Peggs’s desire to start a new wave-inspired project, since releasing five singles during the pandemic with band member Seán Keenan, despite the duo being separated by the Irish Sea.

Between Peggs solo material, Nixer, and his collaboration under the Clutterhead moniker, Peggs has lots of new and exciting releases to heard, starting will what we hear today.

The opening track ‘Right Guard’ [Which we premiere below] has punchy drums, lush pads and a hypnotic arpeggiated bassline. This is coupled with gorgeous synth leads which really draw out the emotion in this track when coupled with the pads.

Take a listen to our premiere, plus head to Beatport to check out the second track from the EP, entitled ‘Whats in Ur Mind’. You can support the artist and label by picking up Hotseat, Vol.2 via their Beatport page here.

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