Unconfined continue their four-part label launch with the second, evolution-inspired compilation, ‘Tendency Towards Complexity’

Upon its debut release in September, Unconfined affirmed itself as one of the most ambitious electronic music labels around right now. With an emphasis on authenticity, the label’s only agenda is to set a limitless creative trajectory for its artists. Hailing from Turin to Taiwan; from Dublin to Bosnia, producers releasing on the Glasgow-born label are handed complete control over their releases, resulting in a sonic output that is truly organic, genre-defying and driven only by sound.

Now, the label is gearing up to unleash the second in its monster launch series featuring eight tracks from a global cast of artists working on the cutting edge of electronic music production. Inspired by life’s perpetual motions, cycles and processes, the upcoming Various Artists compilation, entitled ‘Tendency Towards Complexity’, is an exploration of evolution.


  1. Ôneyra – Burn It Down
  2. Olēka – Bruxism
  3. Ectoplasm – Pripyat
  4. Leafeater – Murked
  5. RAMKKA – The Fall of Uur
  6. RAAB – Tattooed Marsupial
  7. Paula Camani – Kenopsia
  8. Charlie Sparks – Vortex

Dublin’s RAAB presents the sixth track, ​Tattooed Marsupial. ​The producer, who has shared stages with huge names like Dax J and Answer Code Request, this year launched his own imprint ‘RAAB TRAX’ with a mix series under the same moniker. ​Building over six minutes, Tattooed Marsupial ​is a sonic journey that only finds reprieve in the deliverance of each ethereal, synth-laden drop, before coming back even faster, harder and darker each time.

You can listen to RAAB’s track titled ‘Tattooed Marsupial’ all day below, plus you can pre-order the track and the full V/A here. [Out on Friday]

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