If there’s one thing we’re keen to do more of, it’s support the DnB and jungle scene. The Irish scene has been gathering steam in the background, consistently putting out quality, and keeping its head fully immersed in the sound.

We’re proud to report back that it’s stronger than ever, and this latest release from Irish label inHabit proves just that. Today we premiere the track ‘Circles’ by Rizzle Feat. Georgia Rose.

Those of you who’ve been following the label a while know that whenever they find the right material they like to make space for the deeper, more musical moments to shine through, and that’s what this collection here is all about. They’re coming at this series from a different angle again this time too, with a four track EP that centres the considerable talents of extraordinary vocalist Georgia Rose. Four of their favourite producers, Brainwork, Subdue, Rizzle and Thread have built and arranged a tune each around four full vocal performances, each bringing their own perspectives. Today we premiere one of our favourite tracks on the EP ‘Circles’ by Rizzle Feat. Georgia Rose.

Returning to inHabit again and fresh off the back of an extremely impressive Metalheadz release, Rizzle shows off a different side to his productions with EP title track Circles, with strings, melody and bass all doing their thing, using cleverly edited and tweaked vocal cuts and edits from Georgia Rose.

These four tunes will get you out of some tight spots, they’ll lift you up, they’ll rescue any floor that’s flagging in the absence of feelings, you can dance to them with your eyes closed or open, we hope you enjoy them in the company of friends and friends you haven’t made yet.

Check out the premiere via our Soundcloud below and support the full EP on inHabit’s Bandcamp here.

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