Back in July 2020, in the depths of lockdown and in a hungover state, we received an email with a new track and music video to match, featuring at the time for us, an unknown producer called Samuel Powell…

The self released track and video [edited by Josh Meany], was a nostalgic throwback to better times, featuring many haunts and locations in Dublin, with friends, laughter, emotion, portraits, dancing, club nights and society in full swing. The video and track hit hard as Ireland and the world was stuck between a never ending lockdown and isolations, coupled with immense anxiety and fears, wondering just how long we might have to wait to experience those feelings of togetherness again.

To put it simply, the track and video was stunning, full of beauty, but immensely sad and poignant, which we absolutely loved and wanted to champion as best we could. It summed up the country.

Fast forward 17 months and our email has once again been lit up with the talents of Samual Powell‘s music, this time the email finds the world in a far better place, and this time the release is with one of our favourite labels, Shall Not Fade.

Today, we’re delighted to premiere the lead from Samuel’s brand new ‘Owel’s’ EP, entitled ‘Fold’.

An expansive EP comprising heady beats, post-rave influence, natural ambience and euphoria is next up from Shall Not Fade. Owls EP comes courtesy of Samuel Powell, a fresh find from Ireland who shows himself as one to watch with this stylish collection of tracks.

The opening track, ‘Fold’, is a gorgeously produced composition which reaches explosive heights of dramatic stabs and distorted synth lines. ‘Detuned’ follows with high-tension pads and a punchy breakdown, pacing straight into the pounding techno pulse of ‘Echrete’. More heavy beats come from ‘Seldom’, a post-digital rave soundscape. The title track, ‘Owls’, strips all of this back into a gentle ambient exploration, lead by subtle piano that draws the EP to a meditative close.

Samuel Powell’s ‘Owl’s’ EP drops on December 10th via Shall Not Fade. You can pre-order the release here.

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