It’s a tough techno afternoon, as we premiere the track ‘Incoming’ from Texas born DJ and producer Sara Landry, as she launches her brand new HEKATE label.

Hailing from Texas, Sara Landry’s roots offer a fresh perspective on the ever-bolstering international techno scene, quickly rising through the ranks of the underground scene. Having recently featured on Boiler Room’s ‘Hard Dance’ and the Possessions Podcast series, Sara’s brand of hard techno is out for everyone to hear and enjoy.

Sara’s presence has not gone unnoticed by some of techno’s biggest hitters, gaining the support from the likes of Amelie Lens, Perc, Cera Khin, 999999999, Cassie Raptor, Nico Moreno, Kobosil and Shlomo to name but a few. Landry has also seen a wealth of releases on RAW, Techno Germany and Crisis of Man to name just a few.

This Friday Sara launches her HEKATE label. Named after the Greek Goddess of witchcraft and wild placed, HEKATE (hah-KAH-tee) was created by Sara as a space in which she can express herself freely. Today we premiere the EP’s title track ‘Incoming’, which barrels fervently into a dark abyss of thundering kicks and ride cymbals, with Landry’s signature sound design shining through this track’s breakdown.

Check out our premiere via our SoundCloud page, plus be sure to keep out for the pre-order links when they go live.

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