Our first premiere of the week comes from rising French DJ and producer, Sina XX, as we feature his track entitled ‘Feed Your Fetish’, forthcoming on Lobster Theremin sub-label, ‘Techno Is The Devil’s Music’.

Demonic techno straight from the fiery depths, Body To Body founder Sina XX serves up four unholy cuts of industrial devastation that has Satan himself grinning horn to horn as he soundtracks his subterranean hellscape on ‘Techno Is The Devil’s Music’.

Following outings on Rinse France and performances in Rex Club, Mess Paris and many of France’s iconic heavy sound institutions, Sina XX is fast becoming one of most exciting names of the techno circuit. As the founding member of Subtyl he has become synonymous with the rave renaissance currency sweeping its way through the French capital through its nocturnal, heavy-hitting aesthetic.

‘Feed Your Fetish’ is a churning techno track which veers towards the melodic, but nonetheless is a high pace, energetic workout, with elements of acid and subtle hints of trance throughout.

Sina XX’s ‘Funderground’ EP drops Friday 17th December, via Techno Is The Devils Music.You can pre-order the full release here.

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