Did someone order a sun drenched house edit in time for the weekend ahead? We premiere Cedarwood State Trax’s edit, which is available for a free download via their Bandcamp.

Solu Music’s ‘Fade’ recorded back in 2001 was initially recorded as an underground house record, but 5 years later in 2006 it was released and became somewhat of a radio anthem and a summer favourite. Fast forward 15 years and ‘Fade’ has been given a cheeky breaks makeover from the Dublin based duo, Cedarwood State Trax.

Cedarwood State Trax is a DJ and production duo born in the not-so-leafy suburbs of South Dublin, consisting of music and Penney’s underwear aficionados alike; Liam Doherty and Caolan Cooke. 

Having both been honing their craft at the helm of digital audio workstations for the better part of the past eight years, all the while bouncing ideas off one another and working together to collectively improve their skills, 2018 was the year Liam and Caolan decided to formalise a creative synergy by establishing the Cedarwood State Trax project.

While it’s clear from much of their output that both Liam and Caolan have a vast insight to, and love affair with, the world of House, inspiration for the sonic makeup of their productions comes from much further afield than just that. It’s not difficult to derive youthful obsessions with trance in their music, as is evidenced by the importance placed on melody in much of their work, as well as a shared love of bass weight and percussion-driven genres like garage, drum & bass, jungle and hardcore. This entanglement of various musical insights culminates in Cedarwood State Trax’s unmistakable sound. 

The rise of Cedarwood State Trax has been indisputable from the get go. They have become known for their consistent slew of releases, a lot of which have been offered to the world for a small sum of free ninety nine, putting shame to the age old proverb of quality over quantity. A little over a year ago, they also established their own imprint ‘Out Of Stock’ which became an outlet for them to put their stamp on their own material, with some of their most impressive work to date finding a home on the imprint.

They are not completely solitary in their release outlook, however, having released on labels like Koma Records, Talamh Records, The Basement Discos, RiotTrax and more, plus a physical release on Sharpson’s Choki Biki label for their first various artist release alongside some stellar company of fellow Irish artists. 

And for those wondering – yes, their name is an ode to the line of male undergarments brought forth to the world by discount retail mammoth Penneys (or Primark to our not-so-distant neighbours). Never has the term “this tune will blow the Cedarwood States off ye” been more apt.

You can listen all day and night to Solu Music – Fade [Cedarwood State Trax Edit] via our SoundCloud page, plus download it for FREE over on the Cedarwood State Trax Bandcamp page here.

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