Every now and then we get sent new music that offers a different take on familiar genres, and this latest premiere does just that. UK producer SUPPLY has honed his sound, reimagining the classic sounds of DnB, jungle and grime, all while keeping it soulful.

Machine Woman’s Take Away Jazz Records imprint has been releasing leftfield electronic and experimental tracks since 2019 and this release ‘SL’ from SUPPLY is a natural fit. Made up of rolling breakbeats alongside straight up DnB and left-of-centre jungle rhythms, the track we premiere today is ‘Tunnel Vision’.

‘Tunnel Vision’ nods to the more liquid side of DnB, a drum-funk track at it’s core, juxtaposing a jazzy atmosphere and cleverly sampled vocals over a shuffly rhythm. It will no doubt offer a sense of reprise in the middle of a harder set, while keeping the crowd moving.

‘SL EP’ drops via Take Away Jazz Records on 17th June via their Bandcamp here. In the meantime, listen to ‘Tunnel Vision’ below.

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